Used Shipping Containers

We specialize in providing the best quality shipping containers, which also include cargo container and freight container. The measurements are as follows:
20ft (6.096m) Standard containers

Accommodation/habitual containers

We can create custom structures to your requirements or needs ranging from a simple bedsitter to 3-bedroom house according to the needs of the customer. Container home comes with, Electrification and lights, Ceramic floor tiles, Windows

Office units

We transform simple containers to the most exclusive integrated office of our client choice. These are modulated and partitioned with class to the most suitable and conducive structure.

Commercial stalls

We offer the best in economy growing to our clients, very transitional and epic for our clients, not only portable, well partitioned containers but it is also well fabricated to your need.

Ablution blocks

We provide the most sturdy, affordable, stylish ablution containers. These are the ideal solution to your portable ablution requirements, providing you with clean, hygienic showers, toilets or washbasins. Your sanitation is our first priority.


Refrigerated containers popularly known as REEFERS has the same dimensions as their equivalents 20ft and 40ft dry steel containers but with temperature regulator with as low as -60 degrees Celsius.


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