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At container fabricators, we are a multifaceted provider who can transform a whole series of container products from their initial state to a more fitted and adaptable design for any kind of environment. In bravado to our commitment, we aim for quality design, intriguing and contemporary knowledge in our containers, which is oriented to eco- friendly and sustainable to our clients.

What We Offer


Used Shipping Containers

We specialize in providing the best quality shipping containers, which also include cargo containers and freight containers.

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Accommodation /habitual containers

We can create custom structures to your requirements or needs ranging from a simple bedsitter to 3-bedroom house according to the needs of the customer.


Office units

In this we transform simple containers to the most exclusive integrated office of our client choice. These are modulated and partitioned with class to the most suitable and conducive structure.


The most highly sought for reefers are Daikin and Carrier mainly because of their availability and affordability of spare parts and are less noisy. The Reefer units come with a 1 year warranty. Once the warranty period has expired we can be servicing the Reefers at a small fee.

Custom Design

We have a host of fabrication solutions for containers. Let us know of your customization and we get the job done.


Have an upcoming project? Get in touch today with the container Fabrication Professionals and be guided on the way forward.