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Container Sales and fabricators Kenya was established in the year 2015 through the passion of fabrication and professional background in interior designing. At this point, modular construction designs were growing in constant momentum and became an excellent way of beginning our journey.

Modular construction concept is coordination of dimension and space, in which building components are dimensioned and positioned in a term of a basic unit or module. We put the units together in an elegant, sophisticated way ensuring your space is safe and durable completing the construction 20% to 60% sooner than usual conventional construction.

Our buildings are of high standards and we ensure inspection and testing is done every step of the way. We strive to ensure they are more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Our Fabrication Products

We use shipping containers both 20ft and 40ft for sale, and fabricate them to:

  • Accommodation Units,
  • Offices
  • Schools & Additional classrooms spaces
  • Ablution Units, Locker rooms, Public Toilets.
  • Commercial Centers e.g. Shopping Centers, Stalls, Food Cafes, Restaurants, Salon/Barbershops, etc.
  • Hospitality and Camps
  • Security Rooms and Strong rooms
  • Fast food kitchens
  • Labs and Libraries
  • And many more

Why Choose Us

Through the learning of new trends and constant training, we ensure Containers Sales and Fabricators Kenya remain high ranked in this industry, with competitive pricing of our products, while we maintain high levels of professionals for you to trust us.

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